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The Standing Desk Is Dead! Long Live the ErgoErgo Chair!

Iterating your sitting strat.
ergoergo The Standing Desk Is Dead! Long Live the ErgoErgo Chair!

Mr. Williams atop an ErgoErgo chair (Photo: Holly Huitt)

Stop all the treadmill desks. Cut off the adjustable legs on your standing desk. Prevent the bouncing of the Bosu ball chairs with a single shove. Silence the walking meetings with a company-wide memo.

That was the verse going through our head earlier this afternoon when Betabeat came across this arresting image on Andrew Zebulon Williams’ Facebook page. Over gChat, we asked Mr. Williams, a community team specialist at Meetup (and stylish summer shorts enthusiast), what gives. “It’s some shit that’s like good for your back or something,” he explained, sending us a link to the ErgoErgo chair, whose makers appear to be based in New York.

screen shot 2012 08 27 at 6 22 22 pm The Standing Desk Is Dead! Long Live the ErgoErgo Chair!

Actual promotional photo (Photo: ErgoErgo.com)

According to Mr. Williams, “to test ‘em out,” Meetup has ordered 12 of the $100 devices, which also come in orange and advertise themselves as vehicles for something called “dynamic sitting.”

Unlike regular, useless, unoptimized sitting, which is slowly killing you (yes, you) this very second via your butt, “dynamic sitting,” ErgoErgo promises, will “engage your core and back muscles to build strength and flexibility.”

What’s more, “ErgoErgo allows the body to move freely in any direction.” Just think of all the disruption you’ll be able to wreak when you’re not being held back by spinal support.

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