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The New Yorker iPhone App Gives You Another Platform to Forget to Read the New Yorker On

Oh goodie.
picture 12 The <em>New Yorker</em> iPhone App Gives You Another Platform to Forget to Read the <em>New Yorker</em> On

(Photo: Apple)

If you are using a few years’ worth of never-cracked New Yorkers piled precariously on top of each other as a makeshift coffee table, you might want to curb your packrat tendencies by downloading the new New Yorker iPhone app. It’s out today! How’s that for a hoarding intervention?

According to All Things D:

If you’ve used the New Yorker’s iPad app, then you’ll have a very good sense of what you’re getting here: All of the magazine’s content, along with a small handful of digital goodies, delivered to your device via Apple’s Newsstand.

Of course, this also gives you yet another platform on which to feel guilty about never finishing an issue of the New Yorker. There’s just so many words! We much prefer scroll-friendly lists of photos.

The new iPhone app will be free for print subscribers in the Apple Newsstand, but you can also buy a digital subscription. Apparently this month’s issue is free for this week, so download it ASAP to be sure to get your fix of error-ridden Jonah Lehrer articles.

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