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The Hills’ Whitney Port is Raising $50,000 on Indiegogo

Give her $30 and she will tweet about you. Swag!
 <em>The Hills</em> Whitney Port is Raising $50,000 on Indiegogo

A worthy charity cause. (Photo: Indiegogo)

If two TV shows, a book and a clothing line aren’t enough to line your pockets with the cashmoney you so deserve, what’s a glamour gal to do? Judging from Whitney Port, leggy star of The Hills and The City, the answer is start a$50,000 Indiegogo campaign.

Launching a gaudy charity for yourself? What on earth will Olivia Palermo say?

Ms. Port is raising money to help fund her Whitney Eve show at New York Fashion Week Spring 2013. Shhh, nobody say anything about the fact that she decided against using the vast amounts of cash she must have collected from her celebrity status, or her father’s apparel fortune, and instead chose to solicit it from her no doubt less wealthy fans. An Indiegogo campaign is an artistic endeavor.

And for your kindhearted philanthropic donation, you will get one of many swagalicious prizes, including a Whitney Eve gift card, an autographed photo–even a personalized tweet!

According to Jezebel:

Port is essentially seeking a $50,000 investment for her small business. Only she’s calling it a donation, as if her fashion line were a charity….Whitney Eve is a business. Port expects to make money from this show. Why should the public pay her for the pleasure?

Come on, guys! The collection is bound to be worth your donation. Just take Ms. Port’s word for it: “It’s honestly looking so cute.”

Perhaps Ms. Port is growing a little envious of her former co-star Lo Bosworth, who herself is an entrepreneur. Remember, Whitney: forgive and forget.

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