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Park Slope Patrick Stewart is Your New Favorite Tumblr

Park Slope: The final frontier.
 Park Slope Patrick Stewart is Your New Favorite Tumblr

(Photo: Park Slope Patrick Stewart)

Dear readers, have you heard the good news? The devilishly handsome Patrick Stewart–Shakespearean scholar and he of Star Trek: The Next Generation glory–has nestled himself between the hip young parents and NYU students in a new apartment in Park Slope.

Naturally, the neighborhood worked itself into a tizzy awaiting the arrival (via transporter, we assume) of the Captain Picard. And now that he’s there, one Park Sloper has chosen to immortalize his new residency the only way Brooklynites know how: with a single-serving Tumblr, of course.

Park Slope Patrick Stewart is just a bunch of pictures of Patrick Stewart with insidery jokes about Park Slope superimposed over them, but it’s bound to make you giggle. Besides, as the Tumblr’s tagline notes, “Laurence Olivier couldn’t handle Brooklyn.”

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