Take Satirist Off James Franco’s Resume

C- minus in commercial-making.
screen shot 2012 08 20 at 3 47 30 pm Take Satirist Off James Francos Resume

Franco was robbed!

By the logic of Hollywood tech spokespersoning, the proper way to hawk a new device is either through (1) an exaggeration of your public persona or (2) playing against type. Hence domestic anime character Zooey Deschanel reaching new heights of adorkability using Siri ordering tomato soup in her pajamas or motherfucking movie star Samuel L. Jackson yuppie-ing out on the iPhone over the temperature of his gazpacho.

Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 10.1 commercial, hawking its flagship Android tablet, however, fails to employ either of those approaches with writer/poet/Ivy League student/film teacher/director/musician/actor/producer/artist, James Franco. Rather, the low-energy new spot supposedly directed by Mr. Franco and running approximately one billion light years long, pretty much just goes through what we imagine is actually a typical day for self-serious Renaissance Manspirant. 

A funnier take might have been Mr. Franco as a slacker using his Galaxy Note tablet to try to trick people into thinking he accomplishes everything on his rapidly metastasizing resume. As is, the only thing the commercial makes us want is that house.

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