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Give His Regards to Broadway, But Andrew Lloyd Webber is Now Scoring Nintendo Games

Just what gamers always wanted.
 Give His Regards to Broadway, But Andrew Lloyd Webber is Now Scoring Nintendo Games

(Photo: Digital Spy)

If getting the shit scared out of you at a Broadway showing of Cats was a rite of passage for you, then you’ll be pleased to know that the man responsible for that feline phenomenon is putting his immeasurable talents to good use by penning music for Nintendo Wii games. Oh, how the mighty have fallen…into the arms of Dance Dance Revolution.

Andrew Lloyd Webber has signed on for a game cleverly called “Sing & Dance,” coming to a Nintendo Wii near you in mid-September. As one Observer arts reporter remarked, “This is like the equivalent of Orson Welles doing commercials in the ’80s.”

The game will consist of 32 of Mr. Webber’s tunes, enabling your annoying theater kid friends to finally belt out Broadway tunes in a venue other than a high school auditorium or their shower. It will also feature the voices of famous Broadway actors and actresses, including everyone’s favorite Mormon, Donny Osmond.

Hardcore gamers will probably scoff at a theater-themed game for the Wii (of all consoles!), and really, who would blame them? It’s a game for a non-gamer, but we’re guessing it will prompt plenty of drunken uncles to create lasting family memories come the holidays.

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