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Frank Gehry Building a Big Geeky Skate Park for Facebook

A kind of ephemeral connectivity to barbecue and sushi.
 Frank Gehry Building a Big Geeky Skate Park for Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg (

We can cluck all we like at Facebook’s IPO woes, but things are still going well enough for the social networking giant that legendary architect Frank Gehry is collaborating with Zuck to build Facebook West. As Bloomberg tells the story, it sounds like Mr. Gehry’s creation may end up being a giant, wide-open, techie’s paradise:

“If you decided to traverse the huge floor via RipStik, you might wave to co-workers talking outside pop-up pavilions called war rooms and devoted to launching products.

“You would pass no private office or cubicle, but you could circle a glass-partitioned space at the very center of the floor where you might find Zuckerberg.”

There will even be outdoor cafes serving “sushi and barbecue.”

A RipStik, by the way, is “a two-wheeled cross between a skateboard and snowboard,” according to Bloomberg’s James Russell, who writes that it might be “the perfect means” to traverse Facebook West’s 10 acre space.

The goal for Mr. Gehry’s wide-open and RipStik-friendly space is to inspire Facebook staff and create an atmosphere that generates innovation and brilliant new ideas. Mr. Gehry told Bloomberg he seeks “a kind of ephemeral connectivity that you can’t take a picture of.”

Mr. Gehry also admitted to Bloomberg that he “has yet to master Facebook,” but being 83 and a famous architect, he really doesn’t have to. No one apparently bothered to ask if he could work a RipStik, which might be a much more interesting question.

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