Booting Up: Stop Watching YouTube and Get Some Sunshine Edition

 Booting Up: Stop Watching YouTube and Get Some Sunshine Edition

The ghost haunting the Valley. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Are we in the twilight of Silicon Valley? Yammer CEO David Sacks seems to think so. [TechCrunch]

It’s like the worst Cosmo quiz of all time: Is your Web 2.0 company an Amazon, or a [AllThingsD]

In July, Americans watched 36.9 billion online videos. Americans should probably go outside more often. [CNET]

Here is a terrifying platoon of noodle-slicing robots. [Eater]

Internet jokerster Tom Scott pretended to put the Ecuadorian embassy on Airbnb. [Twitter]

Apropos of very little, we give you Tim Berners-Lee’s original World Wide Web announcement, for your nostalgic pleasure. [Google Groups]

Microprocessing pioneer Victor Poor has passed away. [New York Times]

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