Booting Up: Stop Talking About Ditching Email Edition

 Booting Up: Stop Talking About Ditching Email Edition

You’re welcome for the Comic Sans. (Photo: American Treasure Tour)

Here’s the new Amazon Kindle. It has a “paperwhite” backlit display. [The Verge]

Facebook set to launch email and phone number-based ad targeting this week which is only mildly creepy. [TechCrunch]

Fantasizing about ditching email is porn for tech people, basically. [Planet Krypton]

Reddit tackles the important questions: “If you have one GIF to represent you on your tombstone when you die, what would it be?” [Reddit]

Netflix video streaming accounts for 25 percent of all Internet data transmitted in North America. But it’s so worth it for all those Arrested Development marathons. [Yahoo]

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