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Rich Kid of Instagram Finally Gets Daddy’s Attention

One percent problems.
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Ms. Dell (Photo: LinkedIn)

Self-made billionaire Michael Dell recently topped the list of Austin’s highest-paid CEOs for his generous $16 million annual salary. But that doesn’t mean he wants everyone to know how–and where!–he’s spending it. (Lavish breakfast buffets aboard the family jet to Fiji, as it turns out.)

That might explain why Alexa Dell’s oblivious, overshare-y Twitter account abruptly disappeared on Friday after the 18-year-old Columbia University student and W magazine intern shared a photo of her brother Zachary Dell, which was quickly picked up by the socio-economic sleuths at Rich Kids of Instagram last week. 

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(Photo: New York Daily News)

The image of the younger Mr. Dell–Fiji-bound on his dad’s jet, sitting before an nutrient-rich brunch that would feed the Joads for a week–was natural fodder for the trust fund chroniclers, but has also been deleted. The problem, in Ms. Dell’s case, may have been that her GPS-enabled tweets left a handy trail for potential kidnappers, a security analyst told Bloomberg Businessweek.

A repeat offender, Ms. Dell previously posted the invitation to her high school graduation, complete with time, date, and location.

It’s possible that didn’t sit well with Mr. Dell, the elder, who spends roughly $2.7 million a year on security protection for his family, according to SEC filings uncovered by Businessweek.

When you make $15.9 billion off of crap computers, can’t be too careful about exposing your whereabouts to disgruntled customers, we suppose.

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