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Twitter Reportedly Working with Hollywood to Launch an Original Video Series à la The Hills

Curb your excitement.
cry laguna beach lauren conrad lc sad favim Twitter Reportedly Working with Hollywood to Launch an Original Video Series à la <em>The Hills</em>

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If last weekend’s Laguna Beach marathon wasn’t enough to quench your thirst for early-aughts era reality TV, perhaps this news fresh out of Ad Week will do the trick. Sources say that Twitter is looking to host an exclusive reality web series developed by one of the producers of fan favorite drama The Hills, delivered either as content tweeted and promoted in-stream, or on a standalone Twitter page like the company’s recent NASCAR promotion.

Despite the fact that the search tool still sucks, the current incarnation of the Twitter platform works well in conjunction with watching TV: Brands have long since adopted appending a hashtag to the bottom corner of a screen during a program. But actually helping to develop original content to serve up exclusively on Twitter is a whole other game.

Writes Ad Week:

Twitter is said to be aiming towards changing the way people consume and discover media. “We’re talking about building content on top of Twitter,” said another industry insider. “That’s a big deal.” Twitter wouldn’t be developing the content, but would instead serve as a distribution vehicle and advertising middleman.

Sounds a lot like YouTube’s bid for original programming. With this news, we like to picture YouTube CEO Salar Kamangar weeping a single black tear.

All there’s left to do is to forgive and forget, Twitter. Mr. Kamangar wants to forgive you, and he wants to forget you.

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