Twitter is Down: This is Not a Drill

Where do you go to complain about Twitter being down when Twitter is down?
failwhale Twitter is Down: This is Not a Drill

(Photo: Twitter)

It appears that the Internet is greatly enjoying fucking with us today. Earlier this morning, Gchat experienced an outage, and as of 20 minutes ago, Twitter went dead. Strangely, obsessively refreshing does not fix the problem, and yields only a sad “This webpage is not available” message from our browser of choice (Chrome, duh).

The Twitter Status blog updated 19 minutes ago with the following message:

Users may be experiencing issues accessing Twitter. Our engineers are currently working to resolve the issue.

Seven users have somehow managed to tweet this message, through a method we can only describe as black magic.


Well this explains everything:

picture 71 Twitter is Down: This is Not a Drill

Ohhhh, it’s down because of % = reason. We should’ve known!

But seriously we have no idea what this means, so we checked with our engineer boyfriend: “That’s a borked Ruby message,” he replied. Still confused! But we fear it looks a lot more serious than the cute little fail whale.

Update 2:

A rep for Twitter told us they’re aware of the issues and are looking into it. Meanwhile, the site appears to be back up for some users? Cue angry meta tweets about not being able to tweet angry meta things.

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