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StuyTown Sleuths are Coming for Your Airbnb Listing

Beware of nosy neighbors.
 StuyTown Sleuths are Coming for Your Airbnb Listing

(Photo: Stuy Town Report)

Apartment listing service Airbnb has had its share of problems. While the potential for a vacationer to trash your apartment is always in the forefront of a renter’s mind, one thing that local East Village residents must now contend with: vigilante neighbors looking to tattle on them.

According to the New York Times, a collection of amateur sleuths has assembled at the massive Stuyvesant Town apartment complex on the East side to wage war against neighbors that have listed their units on Airbnb.

While “watching Alfred Hitchcock on Encore Suspense,” Janey Donnelly likes to surf Airbnb for rentals with that familiar radiator/window combo that signifies a StuyTown apartment. She’s worried that transient visitors could track in bedbugs, cause damage or host loud parties, all contributing to the deterioration of the neighborhood vibe StuyTown used to possess before new management opened it up to NYU students and yuppies.

Not to mention that renting out your unit at StuyTown is probably against your lease. As the Times notes, “For most residential buildings, a 2010 law prohibits rentals of fewer than 30 days, though there is leeway for people to rent a room within their home, and other kinds of housing may be exempt.”

Airbnb has become an increasingly popular way to supplement an income or meet new people. But if your neighbors are taking up torches against you, the negatives probably far outweigh the positives. Besides, that bedbugs claim is legit.

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