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Rethink Digg Survey Says: 92 Percent of Respondents Wouldn’t Recommend Digg to a Friend

www rethinkdigg1 Rethink Digg Survey Says: 92 Percent of Respondents Wouldnt Recommend Digg to a Friend

(Photo: Rethink Digg)

Looks like the ambitious and hardworking folks behind Rethink Digg have their work cut out for them. On Friday, the team–which is tasked with revamping the ailing social news site in the next eight days–released a survey to gather user feedback on the current and future status of Digg. The results? “92% of survey respondents said that they would not recommend the current Digg to a friend.” Ouch.

Luckily Rethink Digg–a team stationed in startup non-incubator Betaworks–is taking that data in stride, penning a manifesto of sorts that provides a glimpse into the massive amount of work they have to do before v1 launches on August 1st:

This level of dissatisfaction does not call for incremental improvements. It does not call for an evolution of Digg. The problem we are trying to solve with v1 — how can we deliver the best of what the Internet is talking about right now? — calls for something else. V1 shouldn’t be a better Digg, it shouldn’t be a better Reddit, and it shouldn’t be a better Hacker News. It has to be different.

So… rebuild and rebrand a famously limping product by next Wednesday? Sounds good.

It does seems like Rethink Digg’s determination and transparency have endeared some users to them: “The Internet is rooting for you,” insisted one survey respondent. But like, no pressure or anything!

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