Reminder: People Still Hate Yahoo (At Least According to Twitter)

Marissa Mayer has her work cut out for her.
 Reminder: People Still Hate Yahoo (At Least According to Twitter)

(Photo: Wikipedia)

With the news that Google employee #20 and well-known GOOG cheerleader Marissa Mayer will be decamping from her home company of 10+ years to take the CEO role at Yahoo, the Twitersphere erupted into a mix of shock, excitement and stale Yahoo jokes.

It seems that not even a strong female computer engineer can salvage the flailing search company’s flaccid reputation. Just as cries of joy rang out from our feed, so, too, did the jokes about Yahoo’s incompetence. Behold, some of our favorite one liners from this afternoon’s news.

Looks like the illustrious Ms. Mayer has a hefty task ahead of her.

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