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Rachel Sterne and Jakob Lodwick Got Married This Weekend (But Not to Each Other)

Mazel tov, everyone!
 Rachel Sterne and Jakob Lodwick Got Married This Weekend (But Not to Each Other)

Mr. Lodwick, Mr. Watts, and Ms. Cantrell (Photo: Instagram/Mike Bodge)

Love must be in the sticky, humid, sweltering air this season. After three Facebook mafia nuptials in a succession, New York techies are taking their turn at the altar.

The New York Times covered Rachel Sterne‘s East Hamptons wedding to LiveStream founder and CEO Maxime Haot twice in the past two months, once in a trend story about live-streaming your special day. (Yes, they live-streamed it. No, you couldn’t watch without a password.)

However, Vimeo cofounder Jakob Lodwick, perhaps burned by the public’s response to previous displays of affection, avoided the paper of record’s carefully combed-over Wedding section.

 Rachel Sterne and Jakob Lodwick Got Married This Weekend (But Not to Each Other)

(Photo: Facebook)

Besides, isn’t that what Instagram is for?

Earlier this week, Mr. Lodwick used the app to document the wedding ring tattoo he got at Three Kings in Greenpoint, noting that “It felt like they were sawing my finger off with a steak knife.” On Saturday, guests tweeted photos of Mr. Lodwick’s wedding to dancer and choreographer Robin Cantrell, director of the Indelible Dance Company. Mr. Lodwick directed a number of videos of comedian Reggie Watts, who officiated the ceremony by asking the bride, “Do you promise to accept his eccentricities and reject his bullshit?”

Last December, we broke the news that Mr. Lodwick had raised around $1.5 million from prominent New York investors like Chris Dixon, Lerer Ventures, David Karp, Bre Pettis and David Tisch without an idea for a product. Earlier this month, Mr. Lodwick offered some details about the company’s two projects: Debris, which he describes as an IRC with images, and Elevision, a platform that lets users discover and watch films and boasts a rather stunning logo.

Skeptics of Mr. Lodwick’s funding-before-idea concept take note. Elepath has already used its “Darwinian framework” model to axe development on an iPhone app called Cult that was supposed to help users make social plans. “It sort of worked, but while we were building it, we saw 30 other apps come out that did the same thing, and not get much traction. And even though Cult was different, it wasn’t different enough to stand out (or even to make US happy).” AMEN.

Ms. Sterne’s ceremony concluded with fireworks on the water. Mr. Lodwick offered guests a parting gift of Mast Brothers chocolates wrapped in what appears to be an illustration of the couple naked. Artisanal Brooklyn’s version of a tiger-monkey photo booth?

Robin Cantrell from Jake Lodwick on Vimeo.

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