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MPAA Laughs Off Kim Dotcom’s Conspiracy Theory Linking Joe Biden and Chris Dodd’s Hollywood Cabal

He knows what you did last summer.
 MPAA Laughs Off Kim Dotcoms Conspiracy Theory Linking Joe Biden and Chris Dodds Hollywood Cabal

(Photo: TorrentFreak)

Earlier this week, Kim Dotcom offered TorrentFreak some “insider information,” about why U.S. authorities were so aggressive in going after his file-sharing company, Megaupload, pointing the finger at none other than Vice President Joe Biden.

“I do know from a credible source that it was Joe Biden, the best friend of former Senator and MPAA boss Chris Dodd, who ordered his former lawyer and now state attorney Neil MacBride to take Mega down,” Mr. Dotcom told TorrentFreak. As evidence, he offered up scans of the White House visitor log, which shows visits from Mr. Dodd, and the CEOs of Warner Brothers and Paramount Pictures, as well as the chairman of Walt Disney Studios and the president of Universal Studios all coinciding on July 27, 2011.

White House records, which are public, also show Mike Ellis, former superintendent of the Hong Kong police and currently an exec with MPAA’s Asia division, showing up on the same date. Mr. Dotcom claims that Mr. Ellis is also an “extradition expert.” Add in the fact that the MPAA has invested in lobbying Mr. Biden’s office and–voila!–you have the makings of a high-level conspiracy theory.

But today CNET reports that the film industry is “laughing” at those allegations. The MPAA doesn’t deny that those players were present, but tells CNET the purpose of that meeting was to help Mr. Biden prepare for a trip to China. The MPAA also “flatly denied,” claims that Mr. Ellis was an extradition expert.

“The purpose of this meeting with the Vice President was to discuss his upcoming trip to China last August and the importance of reaching a settlement with the Chinese government of the United States World Trade Organization complaint against China, which would increase the number of foreign films permitted into that country and provide a better share of box office revenues,” the MPAA said in a statement to CNET.

We’re not what to make of the MPAA’s decision to respond. If the theory was so outrageous, why even entertain it? That might have something to do with Mr. Dotcom’s facility with generating headlines, a skill he recently promised to tone down.

Contrite claims of truth-telling wrapped up in a #humblebrag–a PR pro couldn’t have written it any better.

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