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Group Starvation is the Newest Team Building Exercise to Hit Startups, Financial Firms

 Group Starvation is the Newest Team Building Exercise to Hit Startups, Financial Firms

(Photo: Ladies on Lifting)

When your corporate budget doesn’t allow for an all-expenses-paid team building exercise at Burning Man, where you can spend a week rolling around naked in desert dust, tripping on peyote you got from a guy named “Smelly” and communing with the ghost of your dead grandmother, the New York Times has another solution: juice cleanses! The natural way to hallucinate (via starving).

According to the Times, startups, media and financial companies are going on office-wide juice cleanses as a way to encourage team bonding:

“It was a week when we were slammed, and we just needed to pull together as a community,” Mr. Godshall, 36, the company’s creative director, said of the office-wide three-day 1,200-calorie cleanse this year….What they ate didn’t torture him enough to remember it, though he said his senses were so heightened during the cleanse, “I could smell roast chicken from four blocks away.”

Dude, your sense of smell was heightened because you were starving yourself.

The popularity of these cleanses is apparently rising–even among startups, like Moda Operandi–despite the fact that scientists pretty much universally agree that they don’t do a damn thing. “There’s no science to back up cleansing,” one nutritionist told the Times. Strange how our bodies have handled toxins for centuries just fine without $15 bottles of goop.

But really, who are we to judge? Let the startups and the financial firms have their juices. Betabeat has decided to do its own liquid diet–except we’re switching out the juice for some good ol’ fashion whiskey.

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