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FYI, You Can Insert Animated GIFs Into Emails With Gmail

Life changing, we know.

picture 32 FYI, You Can Insert Animated GIFs Into Emails With GmailHey guys, what’s up? Cool. Nothing’s really going on here at Betabeat, except that we just learned the best thing ever: In Gmail, you can insert animated GIFs into emails. Wooo.

This is a total game changer, communication-wise. Attaching a GIF just doesn’t possess the same panache. And what if your friends aren’t on Gchat to receive your (undoubtedly witty) IMs to Tumblr GIFs? These are serious problems that people like you and me grapple with every single day.

Luckily, Gmail has given us a solution, but you have to enable a specific tool in Labs for it to really work. Here’s how:

1. Go to your Gmail settings (righthand corner of your inbox).

2. Go to the “Labs” tab.

3. Find the “Inserting Images” Lab. Click “Enable.”

4. Click “Save Changes.”

Voila! You’re now prepared to annoy all of your friends with animated GIFs. To insert an image in an email, either drag and drop it, or click the button that looks like mountains (if you hover over it, it says “insert image.”)

Happy GIFing, y’all.

(h/t @NicoleHe)

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