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Eliza Dushku Distracts Twitter HQ During Yesterday’s Tragic Crash

ab8a8304d75a11e1a3f21231381b41e4 7 Eliza Dushku Distracts Twitter HQ During Yesterdays Tragic Crash

(Photo: Instagram/Eliza Dushku)

What were Twitter employees doing yesterday while you were frantically refreshing and trying to decipher out what “<%= reason %>” means? Palling around with scifi celebrities.

Eliza Dushku, Joss Whedon’s favorite bad girl, stopped by the company’s headquarters on Market Street yesterday with her boyfriend, retired NBA star Rick Fox, prompting theories about overloading servers with her hotness.

Perhaps it was part of Twitter’s plans to focus on catering to influencers over getting into the content business. As CEO Dick Costolo, who somehow found time to briefly meet with the actress, recently told the New York Times, Twitter has employees dedicated to working with celebrities, politicians, athletes, and media companies, which helps attracts ads.

“We call them V.I.T.’s internally, Very Important Tweeters. It’s cute; we’re all about being adorable and cute,” he said.

Ms. Dusku used the microblogging service to broadcast her trip and thank Mr. Costolo:

But posted a photo of the office via Instagram. Guess no one told her how they feel about that.

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