Disrupting Your Popcorn

Coming Soon to NYC: 4D Movie Theaters with Smell-o-Vision

What does progress taste like? Detergent, apparently.
tumblr m5vmxroqy41rqpx0x Coming Soon to NYC: 4D Movie Theaters with Smell o Vision

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CJ Group, the South Korean conglomerate behind Asia’s largest theater chain, is finalizing a deal that will bring 4D theaters to New York, Los Angeles, and other major cities this year, reports the L.A. Times.

What, pray tell, is involved in this fourth-dimension? Glad you asked!

For $8 more, viewers are treated to thumping “back ticklers,” flashes of strobe lights, and smell-o-vision resurrected from the 1960s.

Audiences in Thailand, Mexico, and South Korea are already experiencing its 4DX system while watching Hollywood blockbusters like “The Avengers” and  “Men in Black 3.”

CJ Group’s longterm plan is to broker a deal with “a nationwide U.S. chain,” to build almost 200 theaters in the next five year years. But before you give up on a measly three dimensions, keep in mind these words of warning issued by Nerve the last time CJ Group promised to come to New York:

While watching Transfomers: Dark of the Moon, which created the 4-D world with extra-loud sounds and the sweet scent of burnt rubber, some movie patrons became nauseous and even went temporarily deaf. (Having experienced a 4-D film, straight from the source, in a Seoul cinema, I can attest to the jolting movements and detergent smells, which at once spilled and tainted the flavor of my popcorn.)

Does escaping to the bathroom count as a fifth dimension?

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