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Wired Cover Girl Julia Allison is Back and Wants to ‘Roll Around in Silicon Valley’

Her new Bravo reality show premieres next week.

 <em>Wired</em> Cover Girl Julia Allison is Back and Wants to Roll Around in Silicon Valley

Dan D’Addario profiles Julia Allison for this week’s Observer:

“I’m a total geek. I love tech guys. I just want to roll around in Silicon Valley. I’m some bizarre combination. It’s not reality television but I relate to but a combination of Zooey Deschanel on New Girl combined with Lena Dunham.”

Silicon Valley, you’ve been warned.

Read the full story to find out more about Ms. Allison’s new Bravo reality series Miss Advised, why she’s shutting down Nonsociety and what she loves about Silicon Valley. Wonder if any tech founders will be joining her on the show?

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