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Walmart Would Like to Sell You Some Internet

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Mobile network providers can join the chorus of Walmart-hating small business owners and local holdouts.  This week, the big box boogeyman announced a prepaid mobile hotspot that starts at the low-low price of $10.

However, with budget prices come budget features. That $10 will only get you 100 megabytes of data on Sprint’s problematic 3G network. But there are no monthly fees and the data balance never expires as long as you use the service once a year, making it a useful tool “as an emergency back-up device while traveling,” says USA Today.

For the more data-hungry user, there are other options, like $25 for 500 MB or $45 for 1 GB. Automatic refills online will run you $20 fo 450 MB.

To offer this “Internet on the Go” plan, Walmart is partnering with an L.A. company called TruConnect Mobile. To access the network, you’ll have to plunk down $120 for a MiFi® 2200 hotspot.

Our favorite part of the press release has to be Walmart’s attempt to make 100 MB sound like a steal:

For example, with the 100 MB plan, a subscriber could get as many as 700 web pages, send 1,500-2,000 emails, post 1200 social media updates, listen to 100 minutes of music or view 50 minutes of a YouTube-quality video.

700 webpages! That’s, like, so much Internet!
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