Come back Twitter!

Twitter Having Issues, Info Junkies Try to Survive Without Steady Influx of Tiny Distractions

picture 80 e1340299213900 Twitter Having Issues, Info Junkies Try to Survive Without Steady Influx of Tiny Distractions

Screengrab from the ever-useful

Twitter, everyone’s favorite methadone drip of 140-character news and quips, has been down and unresponsive for the past hour. According to their Status Blog, engineers are aware of the unnamed “issue” and working to get things back up and running. (Hilariously, there’s also a notation on the we’re-fixing-it postĀ that shows that the post has been tweeted out about 63 times.) As The Verge points out, you can still access Twitter through the mobile interface, though that seems slow to the point of unusable too.

We asked a few notorious Twitterphiles how they were dealing with the disappearance of their main communication mechanism. Joe Wiesenthal (@TheStalwart), Business Insider’s resident Twitter addict, responded that he resorted to “Experimenting with Google +,” Google’s attempt at a relevant social network. New York Times media reporter and suspected Twitter robot Brian Stelter (@brianstelter) fell back on ancient technology: “Making phone calls.” Reuters social media guru Anthony DeRosa, better known as @antderosa, seemed poised to rediscover a simpler time before Twitter when asked how he was coping: “I’m learning about this hot new social network called LIFE.”

[Update 1:27 pm: There’s no official update, but the stream of incoming tweets in TweetDeck seems to indicate that Twitter is back up and running. Phew!]

[Update 1:50pm: Back down! Still no official word, but TweetDeck has gone still and silent and is confirming that it’s everyone, not just me. Callie Schweitzer (@cschweitz) from Talking Points Memo, puts its succinctly: “It’s literally like the world freezes.”]

[Update 4:31pm: And it looks like we’re finally, safely, and steadily back. Twitter engineers blame the outage on a “cascading bug,” and seem to have everything under control.]

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