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The New Class of App Builders? Hollywood Agents and Their A-List Clientele

We live in a world where even J.Lo has a damn app.
 The New Class of App Builders? Hollywood Agents and Their A List Clientele

We admit this looks kind of fun. (Photo: iTunes)

If you thought the app craze had already hit critical mass, wait until you read today’s Wall Street Journal story about Hollywood’s attempt to break into the app world. Turns out the next big marketing tool for Hollywood agents is branded apps for their celebrity clients. (Shhh, we can hear you groaning from here.)

Creative Artists Agency, one of the most prominent talent management agency in L.A., has partnered with publisher Moonshark “to enlist CAA’s roster of actors, directors and other creative types in making new apps for smartphones and tablets.” As if the current app market isn’t already littered with junk.

As an example of CAA’s foray into the digital, the Journal points out that J.Lo has agreed to promote an iPad game called “DancePad” which–like a Dance Dance Revolution for lazy people–allows you to perform breakdance moves with your fingers.

Moonshark CEO Matt Kozlov told the Journal that he’s “working on other apps with comedian Demetri Martin, plus a celebrity chef and a comic book creator, both of whom he declined to identify.”

That celebrity chef better be Teresa Giudice.

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