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The One TechStars NYC Startup That Won’t Be Pitching At Demo Day Tomorrow

And then there were 13.
twitter 0611 The One TechStars NYC Startup That Wont Be Pitching At Demo Day Tomorrow

Ms. Johnson (Photo: twitter/jennifernyc)

In March, TechStars NYC announced that it had selected 14 startups from an applicant pool of more than 1,600 for the chance at 13-weeks of mentorship and $100,000. But only 13 companies will be presenting at tomorrow’s Demo Day at Webster Hall. Betabeat has learned that StockTouch, which described itself as “revolutionizing finance with mobile data visualization,” did not participate in the program.

Managing director David Tisch would only say that the decision was mutual. We have reached out to StockTouch for comment and will update the post when we hear back. StockTouch CEO Jennifer Johnson was one of five female CEOs (and six female cofounders) accepted into the spring 2012 class.

StockTouch’s website says the app was created by Visible Market, “a company dedicated to inventing the world’s best financial information products for mobile devices.” In January, Visible Market filed a Form D indicating that the company had raised a $500,000 equity round from six investors.

In an article in April, Mashable described StockTouch as a “vibrant” and “easy-to-read” heat map that covered stocks displaying the top 100 U.S. and top 100 global companies in nine industry sectors. The heat map shows stocks that are gaining value in green and stocks losing value in green, giving users the chance to zoom in to an individual stock for a performance graph.

ITunes included StockTouch as a “new and noteworthy” app the week of March, 15, 2012, shortly after the TechStars decisions were announced. A screenshot from that time on the StockTouch press page shows that the app had five stars from 241 ratings. The current version of the app in iTunes, which was last updated in April, has a rating of two-and-a-half stars.

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