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Someone at Foursquare Made a Goofy Tumblr of Engineering Jokes

We don't get it, but they're funny anyway.

Guys, we’re so glad Twitter is back. How else would we find things like this little gem, tweeted out yesterday by Foursquare engineer ringleader Harry Heymann with the observation, “I think the heat in nyc melted the brains of the @foursquare eng team.” It’s #WhatShould4sqCallMe, a Tumblr devoted wholly to the trials and travails of his own staff. And while we don’t have confirmation, the call is presumably, as they say, coming from inside the house.

Because we are not programmers, many of the situations might as well be written in Ancient Greek. For example: “When I run Jetty with debug output on.” Huh? But luckily for the clueless among us, GIFs are a universal language:

tumblr lgb02mcflm1qe0eclo1 r5 500 Someone at Foursquare Made a Goofy Tumblr of Engineering Jokes
Also, this is a situation universal to the workplace, even if the names and the specifics vary from field to field: “When Jorge explains something but I don’t really understand“:

nq8ta Someone at Foursquare Made a Goofy Tumblr of Engineering Jokes

Someone deliver a box of popsicles to the Foursquare engineering team. It sounds like they’re a little heat-strokey.

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