New York City Poised to Score .NYC, Which No One Else Applied For

New domain names will hit the web in 2013.
nypd mounted New York City Poised to Score .NYC, Which No One Else Applied For

Only New Yorkers may use the .nyc domain. (Photo: Flickr/Randy Pertiet)

The application period for new domains—Internet suffixes such as .com, .org—closed at the end of May, and there’s good news for New York City. It looks like the .nyc domain will soon belong to the municipal IT department. While some domains sparked fierce competition, with 13 applications for .app, 10 for .art and 11 for .home, only New York City applied for .nyc. No one applied for .brooklyn.

New York’s application is for a “geographic” domain. “Increasingly, the Internet is not only about what you are, but also where you are,” Ken Hansen, a director of business development at Neustar who filed the application on behalf of the city, said in an email.

The City is going to be the ultimate arbitrator as to who can and who cannot use the .nyc domain, said Chris Coffey, a spokesman for the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment. The city plans to give the domains out to community boards, nonprofits, startups, and other local businesses. No word yet on who won’t be allowed to use the new suffix.

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