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Man, Microsoft Interns Are Really, Really Excited About Their Jobs

Interns love it. Love. It.
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More like Steve “Baller,” are we right? (

Hang on to anything long enough, and it’ll eventually become cool again. Prominent illustrations include bell-bottoms, 70s stadium rock, and, apparently, Microsoft. Reuters talked to some of Microsoft’s 1,500 (!!) summer interns, and man, these kids are psyched. One straight-up says, “Microsoft feels cool again.” Also, they really seem to believe in the company:

Microsoft’s keen new interns already think their competitors’ days are numbered, branding Google and Facebook as “creepy” because of their aggressive stance on privacy and heavy reliance on advertising.

“What kind of business model is that, shoving ads in peoples’ faces?” said one Microsoft intern, who asked not to be named.

Well, you know what this means: Time to GET ON YOUR FEET!

Of course, their enthusiasm might have a little something to do with perks like a Dave Matthews concert at the Seattle Zoo. “Everyone says you have the most fun at Microsoft,” one intern told Reuters.

Maybe we’re a little jaded, but the thought of “(Crash) Into Me” next to the reptile house leaves us suspecting these kids have a different idea of a good time than we do.

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