Oh You Fancy Huh?

U Mad, Pinterest? Mark Zuckerberg Is Now On The Fancy

Fancy, man!
screen shot 2012 06 08 at 6 32 56 pm U Mad, Pinterest? Mark Zuckerberg Is Now On The Fancy


This morning, billionaire Mark Zuckerberg joined high-end photo-sharing site The Fancy under the name “zuckd.” I guess you could say: fancy recognize fancy? In that time, the Facebook CEO has already amassed more than 102,000 followers. He’s also following some fellow Facebookers, such as Dave Morin, the CEO of Path, and Serkan Piantino, who will head up Facebook’s engineering office in New York. (Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes sits on company’s board.)

A few months back, we described the aspirational site as “kind of like Pinterest, but all about the money.” The Fancy is growing fast and has a plan to turn anything users share into a chance to buy.

Zuck has also registered for Twitter and Google+ and Pinterest itself, but naturally, his presence on a young site is bound to jump-start the rumor mill.

“You just can never tell if he’s interested in buying a shelving system, or the entire company,” says Fast Company, noting that the last time Zuck expressed interest in a Jack Dorsey startup, he ended up buying it. In fact, not longer after he threw down a billion for Instagram, the tech press speculated that the acquisition was motivated in part by Pinterest’s growing cache.

Whether or not today’s move is a sign of acquisitions to come, we look forward to seeing what the world’s 9th most powerful person has on his wish list. We definitely would have guessed small island nation over library shelves, but hey.

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