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Lots of People Just Assumed Emails About LinkedIn Passwords Were Spam

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Careful, maybe there’s a bill in there. (Photo:

Turns out lots of people don’t know the difference between legitimate LinkedIn emails and spam.

In the wake of last week’s massive password breach, the site sent users whose passwords had been hacked emails with instructions for resetting those compromised passwords. But, according to the spam fighters over at Cloudmark, a good number of the people who received them just chucked them into the junk bin:

This was a real email from Linkedin telling people whose password had been compromised how to protect their account. Over four percent of the people receiving this email, thought it was spam and sent it straight to the bit bucket. If Linkedin sends out 6.5 million emails, then a quarter of a million people are congratulating themselves on avoiding spam, and still have a compromised Linkedin password.

For the last time, people: Change your passwords. But also maybe LinkedIn might want to throttle back on the non-essential emails, so people stop assuming their messages are worthless?

(h/t Computer World)

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