Booting Up: No HBO on Hulu for You and Other Letdowns Edition

 Booting Up: No HBO on Hulu for You and Other Letdowns Edition

Akihabara seemed relevant. (Photo:

Good news! HBO is now on Hulu. Bad news: It’s only in Japan. [GigaOm]

While everyone was distracted by the health care ruling, the Supreme Court decided not to rule on another case, concerning whether you can sue a company for breaking a federal law, even if you can’t prove damages. Forbes explains why that doesn’t make Facebook, LinkedIn, Zynga, and Yahoo too happy. [Forbes]

Look, RIM has options, okay? (They’re just not great options.) [Reuters]

Amazon is making it easier for developers to create games on the Kindle Fire. Good, because the current selection is zzzz. [Bloomberg]

Yet another I/O roll-out: Google Compute Engine, the company’s very own infrastructure-as-a-service product to compete with Amazon Web Services. What, no skydiving to announce it? [Google Blog]

Speaking of the GOOG, they’d like everyone to know Gmail now has 425 million users which, by our calculations, means they’ve dethroned Hotmail. [TechCrunch]

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