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Facebook Eyes Old New York Times Building for New NYC Engineering Office

The Flatiron seems like a more likely choice, but who can turn down an in-office basketball court?
 Facebook Eyes Old <em>New York Times</em> Building for New NYC Engineering Office


Facebook is heightening its presence in New York and is looking to expand from its Madison Avenue digs into a bigger office better equipped for its influx of engineers. According to Crain’s New York, sources say the execs at Facebook are considering an office space in the former New York Times building at 229 W. 43rd street.

Writes Crain’s:

Times Square is not a favored haven for tech firms, but the owners of 12 upper floors of the 15-story former Times building have added some touches that are likely to earn points with tech crowd and could compensate for the midtown location. There is now a basketball court where the publisher’s dining room used to be and the 12th floor terrace is now covered with astro turf to give it a more whimsical feel. Plus, tech firms tend to be drawn to more quirky, older spaces.

Crain’s notes that Facebook could also choose to expand the space it already rents at its current office on Madison, or perhaps opt for an office closer to the burgeoning heart of NYC tech in the Flatiron.

Frankly, we’re all in favor of this potential Times Square move, as it will mean Facebook’s new office will be located right around the corner fromĀ The Observer. Hope you guys like Shake Shack.

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