Booting Up: Meditating to a Poster of Tim Ferriss Edition

screen shot 2011 04 12 at 6 42 Booting Up: Meditating to a Poster of Tim Ferriss Edition

(Photo: Virtual Business Lifestyle)

Apple has won an injunction against Samsung, preventing the company from selling its biggest Android tablet. [AllThingsD]

A day in the life of a startup founder: “Shower and then spiritual time. I have a small shrine set up that allows me to focus on the important. I light an incense and gaze up at posters of Tim Ferriss, Kevin Rose and Warren Buffet.” [Hacker News]

Zynga announced a new hub for their online games, which will probably still not do much for their stock. [Wall Street Journal]

Apparently changing your email address to was a “visibility” change, not a privacy change. Welcome to the wonderful world of Facebook semantics! [New York Times]

Surprise! Most of BuzzFeed’s content is just repackaged Reddit posts. [Slate]

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