Booting Up: The All Your Passwords Belong to Dwdm Edition

lindsay lohan eharmony Booting Up: The All Your Passwords Belong to Dwdm Edition

Wait, what wuz my password again?

Unharmonious: 1.5 million passwords were stolen from the dating site eHarmony, reportedly by “dwdm,” the same hacker who exposed 6.5 million LinkedIn passwords on [Los Angeles Times]

Speaking of LinkedIn, users with exposed passwords have already been subject to phishing attacks in the form of emails that look like they’re from LinkedIn [Bits]

Omniscient overlords say what? Google is now flying camera-equipped planes over several cities to give Google Map users a 3D aerial option. [Reuters]

Pro-tip for Mark Zuckerberg: The Interactive Advertising Bureau reports that mobile ad buyers are spending nearly three times as much on search ads as display ads in Europe and Asia [PaidContent]

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