The New York Times Covers Rage Comics; Goodbye, Rage Comics

Next week in the NYT, deep background on The TechnoViking.

ragecomictimes The New York Times Covers Rage Comics; Goodbye, Rage Comics

The Times has published a definitive Internet Culture Piece a Year Too Late.

The victim: Reddit’s infamous Rage Comic meme. Though you can still find Rage Comics posted daily on Reddit, the joke was probably on the downswing popularity-wise a year ago. The following is the paper of record unwittingly sealing Rage Comics inside vast and unquiet catacombs in the bowels of the Internet where the ghosts of all past memes roam, to float sadly in the ether alongside the howling phantasm of Rick Astley and his 80s bouffant:

Despite the growing number of cartoonists, rage comics have maintained a consistent recognizable style: stock art of faces, some twisted in rage or frustration. What holds the genre together is a combination of browser-based editing tools that encourage authors to stick to a predefined set of images and text styles and Web sites where readers can “upvote” strips to the top of the slush pile.

Reddit users noticed the article and at least one Redditor gave a pretty predictable response…

ragecomiccomment The New York Times Covers Rage Comics; Goodbye, Rage Comics

… Which may say a lot about how far behind the Times was in this hard-hitting how-to.

Two good things:

  • “Herpina and Derpina” have been entered into the Times‘s august lexicon. That alone probably made the article worth the writing.
  • This site––can now provide your mom endless hours of fun. Prepare for the Rage Comic fun coming from an elder relative’s AOL email address any day now.
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