Scott Thompson Out at Yahoo

 Scott Thompson Out at Yahoo

Thompson. (Source: Yodel Anecdotal/Yahoo! Inc. via Wikipedia)

Rebel Yahoo shareholder Daniel Loeb’s campaign to upend the leadership at Silicon Valley’s most troubled old-school Internet company has succeeded. In an exclusive, Kara Swisher reports for AllThingsD that Scott Thompson is gone. Mr. Thompson’s fudged resume was a keystone in the crisis that began unfolding in Yahoo’s upper echelons a week ago; it appears to have been his undoing. An investigation by Yahoo into the phony computer science credential Mr. Thompson listed in public biographies revealed that the now-outgoing C.E.O. also put the degree on his resume:

[Although] Thompson made a convoluted attempt to explain it all in two awkward employee meetings at the end of last week, in which he blamed a headhunting firm for introducing the mistake when he was being hired for a job at eBay in the mid-2000 timeframe.

That company, Heidrick and Struggles, slapped back with an internal memo noting that Thompson’s claim was not “verifiably not true.” Sources said that Heidrick told Yahoo’s board that it was in possession of a resume submitted by Thompson that he had apparently submitted showing the inaccurate CS degree on it.

Yahoo is probably doubly embarrassed at this point by the way it initially tried to shrug off its head man’s nebulous credentials as an “inadvertent error.”

AllThingsD reports Mr. Thompson will likely be replaced by  the company’s head of global media, Ross Levinsohn.

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