Facebook Faceoff

Robin Sloan’s Intergalactic Facebook Offering Is Our Favorite Part of IPO Day

Dispatches from Menlo Prime.

robin sloan Robin Sloans Intergalactic Facebook Offering Is Our Favorite Part of IPO Day Snarkmarket collaborator Robin Sloan, who has a novel coming out in October, spent the morning live-tweeting from the future. As in Facebook’s “initial galactic offering,” in the year 3012 on Menlo Prime. Lord Zuck and Queen-Regent Sheryl Sandberg are in attendance. “Her wings are amazing,” writes Mr. Sloan. Two centuries hence, Zuck’s hoodie has grown. “It’s long and dark with a wide cowl. It looks like an emperor’s robe.”

Of course, at that point, Facebook has morphed into Fatebook and Future Timeline can predict what’s going to happen to you. “There are places—not in this galaxy, but the next—where Fatebook doesn’t reach yet. Places where the Future Timeline goes dark.” You can check out the rest of Mr. Sloan’s brilliant sci-fi sendup under the hashtag #FB3012 or on his Twitter.

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