The Facebookers Will Inherit the Earth

Report: Facebook Alumni Have Raised $271 M. in Venture Capital

Imagine what will happen after the IPO.

mafia wars Report: Facebook Alumni Have Raised $271 M. in Venture CapitalA new report from CB Insights attempts to gather up all the ventures of the roving Facebook Mafia and put a number on how much money these Silicon Valley chosen ones have raised. “For those unfamiliar with the term, the Facebook Mafia refers to alumni of Facebook who’ve gone on to found new startup companies,” the report says.

So how much have these enterprising Facebookers convinced investors to give them? $271 million since 2006, with $130 million of it all in the first half of 2012 (Quora is responsible for $50 million of that). Momentum “appears to be accelerating,” the report says. Doesn’t it always?

The impact of the Facebook Mafia is hard to see as of yet—only a few companies such as Path, Asana and Quora seem to stand a chance of making a dent in the universe. But with the IPO imminent (it’s tomorrow! it’s tomorrow!), even more Facebookers will cut loose to start their own companies—and invest in each others’—in a sort of Facebook Spring.

“With Facebook’s impending IPO and the resulting number of employee millionaires it will mint, there is every reason to believe that this is just the beginning of a lot more venture funding to Facebook alumni,” CB Insights notes. “As happened with Google, VCs will be keen to to build relationships and fund Facebook staff (especially engineers) if said engineers decide to scratch their entrepreneurial itch and found a startup.”

CB Insights prepared the report as part of a wider research paper on the alumni networks of Facebook, Google and PayPal.

The report also shows the venture capitalists who were most active in funding ex-Facebookers. CB Insights identified 67 different investors who’ve invested in at least one Facebook Mafia company, but only six VC firms have invested in two or more Facebook Mafia ventures:

  • Greylock Partners – 3 companies
  • Benchmark Capital – 2 companies
  • First Round Capital – 2 companies
  • Index Ventures – 2 companies
  • Redpoint Ventures – 2 companies
  • SV Angel – 2 companies

More like Facelock Partners, Facemark Capital, and Face Round Capital, arewerite?

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