Obama Donors Turn Out for Star Tech Staffers

Forget the movie stars. Send in the geeks!
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Also not the star at tonight's event.

With the GOP nominee (mostly) squared away, the general election is just getting warmed up. That, of course, means that it’s now fundraising time–and the Obama administration is deploying a rather novel strategy to attract donors. The Atlantic reports that, at an event tonight in Brooklyn, the star attraction will be neither a movie star nor a rock and roller, but rather two of the campaign’s technology staffers. Geek chic, Washington-style.

The event overall is pretty clearly targeted at the city’s tech community–and it wouldn’t be the first time the local scene turned out for the president, either. Heck, Union Square Ventures even put a political “advocate” on their payroll who can “use the Internet to save the Internet.” The venue: PowerHouse Arena in DUMBO. The title: “The Obama Campaign’s Digital Strategy: An Inside Perspective.” The stars are Obama for America’s digital director Teddy Goff and chief digital strategist Joe Rospars. Anyone who can get an audience with those guys is likely to hear some interesting stuff, given the cutting-edge strategies the campaign is reportedly deploying.

The Atlantic evaluates the appeal:

Even more than your average chance to financially support the candidate of your choice, there’s something for everyone involved to love about these tech world funders. For the geeks, who love nothing better than process, there’s a bit of fundraising psychology at work: A chance to get the real “inside perspective” on the Obama campaign’s operations is an appealing prospect, as is the chance to participate in a roundtable discussion that might address not only tech practice, but technology and information policy. And there are other elbows worth rubbing in the room.

Isn’t that what they call a virtuous circle?

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