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The Media Can’t Stop Talking About Mark Zuckerberg’s Hoodie

And you shall know him by his sweatshirt.
 The Media Cant Stop Talking About Mark Zuckerbergs Hoodie

The most important story of our time: Mark Zuckerberg's hoodie. (Getty)

Facebook’s IPO roadshow finally began yesterday at the Sheraton Hotel in Manhattan, and it was apparently quite a scene. Reports state that investors “swarmed” the space, eager to catch a glimpse of the baby-faced Mark Zuckerberg and his ideas for the future of Facebook–but many were quite disappointed with the actual content of the show.

According to the Financial Times:

Not everyone left the Sheraton on Monday thrilled with the company. Another investor complained that the meeting began 45 minutes late and ended 15 minutes early. A portion of the roughly one-hour long meeting was taken up by a 30-minute promotional video that had already been made public, irking some in attendance who had done their prep work.

Yikes. Pissing off potential investors before you even IPO is probably not the best way to go about it–but we’re guessing Mr. Zuckerberg knows that he could show up in a hoodie and jeans to the meeting and still initiate a $FB stock-buying frenzy.

Actually, that’s exactly what he did. Dude wore a hoodie to the opening day of the roadshow, an event peppered with crisp, expensive suit-and-ties, and the Internet can’t stop talking about it.

The FT and the Washington Post both chose to lead with Mr. Zuckerberg’s casual clothing item of choice, while HuffPo buried it way down in the second graf. CNBC, meanwhile, put Mr. Zuckerberg’s hoodie in their story title, and even imbued it with magical soothsaying powers: Apparently Zuck’s sartorial selection signaled to investors that everything at Facebook is “business as usual.”

Though the media may have treated Mr. Zuckerberg’s hoodie with a mixture of disdain and fascination, it appears he’s at least inspired some fans. “Hey Marc, I love the hoody,” wrote one commenter on CNN. “Seriously, this kid breaks all the rules, and it’s awesome!”

A word of warning before you log onto American Apparel to order yout own magical hooded sweatshirt: we’re pretty sure you can only get away with wearing one to a make-or-break investor meeting if you’re a wunderkind billionaire.

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