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Mark Zuckerberg No Longer On List of 40 Wealthiest People

Hopefully he can buy a mid-sized city somewhere to assuage the pain.
 Mark Zuckerberg No Longer On List of 40 Wealthiest People

Hang in there just like that kitten on the poster, Mr. Zuckerberg. (

If you felt The Force shudder and ripple sometime tonight it may have been due to the Earth-shattering report that Facebook’s C.E.O. Mark Zuckerberg has left the world’s 40 richest people list. We would pause while you gasp and sob but it’s scab-pulling time regarding the bad news for the youthful billionaire–and anyway, we think Zuck can handle the pain:

According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Zuckerberg dropped out of the top 40 ranking when shares of his newly-public company hit a low of $28.84 after trading on Tuesday. He was replaced by Mexican billionaire Luis Carlos Sarmiento.

The Facebook CEO’s fortune fell to $14.7 billion on Tuesday from $16.2 billion on May 25,Bloomberg reports.

As the A.P. and CBS noted, Mr. Zuckerberg isn’t the only young billionaire to suffer this dreadful fate–fellow Facebook billionaires Dustin Moskovitz and Sean Parker have been slammed by the drop in Facebook stock as well.

Mr. Zuckerberg has made no public comment on his fall into non-top-40 billionaire ignominy, but on his behalf, let’s remember him in a better, happier time, when he was photobombing a Chinese cop propaganda film documentary.

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