Booting Up: Google Here, Google There, Google Everywhere

0522 pageglasses 660 300x185 Booting Up: Google Here, Google There, Google Everywhere

Super cool. (via

Kickstarter would prefer that you don’t notice failed projects, and those are definitely not the droids you’re looking for. []

Google takes down 250,000 search links every week due to alleged copyright violations. In the spirit of transparency, the company is now keeping a running list of who’s requesting what. [Google Official Blog]

Speaking of, looks like Microsoft has a bit of a piracy problem. [BBC News]

Google had a decent week. For one thing, the company closed that Motorola deal and so now owns a hardware company. [BusinessWeek]

The company also won that Oracle suit, which means no, Android isn’t going anywhere and the company doesn’t have to shell out for royalties. [CNET]

Finally, we thought you should know that someone has created “Skipper Nick Bilton,” a nautically themed fake Twitter account for New York Times tech writer Nick Bilton. [Twitter]

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