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Googler Does Reddit AMA, Too Terrified of NDA to Actually Answer Anything Interesting

He will probably be fired in 3...2...
 Googler Does Reddit AMA, Too Terrified of NDA to Actually Answer Anything Interesting


Does Google forcefully feed its employees the Kool-Aid or something? A Googler from the Kirkland, WA engineering office took to social news site Reddit today for a Q&A, but appeared so worried about violating Google’s mandatory nondisclosure agreement that he basically “no comment”-ed every worthwhile question.

A majority of his answers revolved around the specific perks that Google offers its employees–like nap pods, massage chairs and gourmet food–perks with which Betabeat is all too familiar. But when we got to the good stuff–his loyalty to Google+, or the company culture revolving around leaving early–Mr. IAmAGoogler was disappointingly mum.

“What would you say is the secret to google’s success?” asked one user.

“That would be violating my NDA ;),” Mr. “Ask me anything–unless it’s actually interesting” replied.

However, he was quite concise and forthcoming with one of his answers.

“Have you ever fapped on campus?” asked one probably 16-year-old user.

“No,” responded the Googler, before moving on to answer another question with the rah-rahing devotion typical of Google employees.

If this was a Google PR scheme, it worked quite well. Otherwise, considering the company’s notorious secrecy, we have a feeling this Googler might be Googling for another job sometime soon–even if he didn’t violate the NDA.

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