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Google to Provide CornellNYC Tech with Free Office Space for 5+ Years

CornellNYC Tech will get 22,000 square feet of Google's office space until the Roosevelt Island campus is finished.
img 20120521 114155 Google to Provide CornellNYC Tech with Free Office Space for 5+ Years

Mr. Page and co.

Mayor Bloomberg announced today at Google’s New York headquarters in Chelsea that the company has agreed to provide CornellNYC Tech with 22,000 square feet of free office space while the Roosevelt Island campus is built. The mayor joined Google CEO Larry Page, Cornell President David Skorton and Technion’s director Craig Gotsman at a press conference this morning to make the announcement. The value of the space is over $10 million, said Mr. Page.

According to the press release:

The space will allow Cornell to build its presence in New York in close proximity to tech companies and entrepreneurs with whom it will collaborate….Google will initially provide Cornell with 22,000 square feet of office space on July 1, 2012, free of charge for 5 years and 6 months or until the completion of Cornell’s campus on Roosevelt Island–whichever occurs first.

Oh good, they opened the conference with this embarrassing video.

CEO Larry Page took the stage following an introduction by Google CIO Ben Fried. The Mayor has “a healthy disregard for the impossible,” said Mr. Page. “He sets big ambitious goals and he usually hits them. I’ve learned a lot from Mayor Bloomberg about management and especially his bullpen. I also hear he’s learning to code, so I’m hoping I can teach him a thing or two to return the favor.”

“When we put the best most innovative minds together today we end up with the best most innovative tomorrow,” he added.

Mr. Page then introduced Mayor Bloomberg, “a man who needs no introduction.”

“When we envisioned creating such a school in our city and created the compeititon for it, we always expected the school to have close ties to the private sector,” said Mayor Bloomberg. “Today Google is certainly getting in on the ground floor.”

Of Silicon Valley’s tech lead, Mayor Bloomberg joked, “We don’t like to be second to anybody. Google and NYC tech are going to help us seriously close that gap.”

“We need to create a new academic model for this time, and this place, and this industry and that’s exactly what we’re going to do,” emphasized Cornell President David Skorton.

In answering a question about whether or not Google would have ‘dibs’ on Cornell’s tech grads, Mr. Page beamed: “I wish.”

Mr. Skorton said that the campus would officially open in the fall, and Cornell will be bringing a small number of grad students and professors down from Ithaca to kick off the semester.

One reporter asked who is currently occupying the space. “Did you have trouble renting it out?” he asked.

“Do you know anything about the New York real estate market?” joked Mr. Fried.

“We’re going to compact [Googlers] a little more to make room for our friends here at the university,” clarified Mr. Page.

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