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Founder Swap Wants to ‘Get Startups Pregnant with New Ideas’

"Like Wife Swap but for Founders."
 Founder Swap Wants to Get Startups Pregnant with New Ideas

Ms. Ray and Mr. Brown

If Wife Swap is one of your guilty pleasures (ahem), then you might get a kick out of Founder Swap, a project created by the makers of Scroll Kit, Kate Ray and Cody Brown, [Editor’s note: along with Jonathan Basker of Betaworks] which aims to inject fresh talent into startup teams. On June 1st, New York-based early-stage startup founders will swap places with the hope that the project will help foster new ideas among the participating companies.

According to TechCrunch:

Founder Swap hopes to mix and match founders for one day, basing the swap in part on the strengths and weaknesses of the founding teams. It’s aimed at very early-stage startups, those with just two or three people working together, and is designed to provide a fresh perspective on the things they’re building.

When you’re heavily into a certain project, it’s easy to put blinders on that can keep you from even the simplest of innovations. Perhaps participating in events like Founder Swap can help break you out of that funk.

Also, if you’re of the Michael Lazerow belief system that you should “sleep with your cofounder,” June 1st is apparently your lucky day.

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