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Facebook Roadshow Starts Monday, IPO Slated for May 18th

Sources leaked the dates to the Wall Street Journal.
 Facebook Roadshow Starts Monday, IPO Slated for May 18th

Mr. Zuckerberg (

It would seem Mark Zuckerberg is finally ready to prove he’s serious about Facebook’s IPO. Several reports have noted that investors are less than thrilled with the fact that Zuck has been M.I.A for meetings leading up to Facebook’s IPO. But the Wall Street Journal reports today that Facebook’s road show will begin on Monday, May 7th, and Mr. Zuckerberg will in fact be attending. The same sources told the WSJ that Facebook is scheduled to go public Friday, May 18th.

The news about the road show and IPO is buried in an article about advertisers’ growing skepticism regarding the effectiveness of running ads on Facebook. “Some advertisers with big spending accounts are wondering whether they’re getting their money’s worth,” notes the WSJ, next to a photo illustrating what advertisers could get for the same $1 million price of 125 million Facebook impressions (two 30-second ads on “American Idol,” for example). Considering that comparison, we’d venture to say that advertisers probably aren’t getting their money’s worth, but that Facebook will still be just fine come IPO day.

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