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Video: Facebook Pranksterism Triumphs Over Local Morning News Team

ball bottle of rum Video: Facebook Pranksterism Triumphs Over Local Morning News TeamPeople reporting on the effect of social media often produce results reminiscent of science studies about coffee: One report will note that while it’s ostensibly been viewed as being detrimental to one’s health, the latest revelation tells us that it is actually beneficial, and vice versa.

Social media is just like this in that it has proven an adept method at making people’s careers or salvaging them—it’s either a life-raft for brilliant publicity maneuvers or a digital noose with which one can hang themselves in an instant. One of the best illustrations of this we’ve heard concerned the spice, Old Bay, and their attempt at social media, asking “Fans” of Old Bay on Facebook what their favorite uses for Old Bay was. The page ended up being more effort than it was worth, because as it turns out, many a marijuana user employs used Old Bay containers to store their weed. Who knew!

Like so many other things, social media is a conduit with which those trying to exploit it for gain can be turned on in an instant. A crucial difference, however, is that those most often betrayed by social media are often the least suspecting of it, which results in, to be kind, some very funny shit.

The setup in the video below involves the local news team outsourcing the question of what to put in a time capsule. Yes: A time capsule.

Without further ado—as seen on The Soup last night—here is a local news anchor team from Sacramento, caught off guard by Facebook:

If you do not get the joke—such as one Betabeat editor didn’t—please feel free to ask those around you to explain it to you. Out loud. Ask them out loud. | @weareyourfek

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