Booting Up: Is Our Children Interneting? Edition

screen shot 2012 05 14 at 4 40 50 pm Booting Up: Is Our Children Interneting? Edition

(Photo: Facebook)

Facebook closes down at $34 [Washington Post]

Did the timing of Zuck’s marriage have to do with a pre-nup? The Times turns gossip rag [New York Times]

Facebook deletes a woman’s photos of her baby, who has a birth defect [Fox News]

Is social media hurting children? [CNN]

Pakistan blocks Twitter for a few hours because of blasphemous tweets [Washington Post]

Hooray, multiple monitors just got easier [The Inquirer]

“Picturephones never worked because the reality of two people on a phone call looking at each other is a vanity-killing, awkward proposition. But borrowing someone’s eyes at a given moment is another matter entirely.” [Wired]

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