Alley vs. Valley

A Roundup of New York Times Articles Hyping the NYC Tech Scene

In which the New York Times writes virtually the same article 10 times.
 A Roundup of <em>New York Times</em> Articles Hyping the NYC Tech Scene


The New York Times published a new technology feature yesterday which elucidates what readers of Betabeat probably already know: guys, tech is booming in New York.

This is, of course, in part due to our proximity to the media, fashion and finance industries. But New York is also the victim of Silicon Valley’s vice grip on the pool of talented engineers. We were unsurprised by theĀ Times‘s findings, not only because we report on similar trends here at Betabeat, but also because the paper of record has written this story “at least 18x,” Skyped one Betabeat writer.

We scoured the archives, and while we couldn’t find 18 stories, we did find 10 very similar pieces about the city’s thriving tech scene. This should make for some fine Memorial Day reading.

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